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Asia Express: Andras Stoll's face began to tremble after the first bites in Manila

Asia Express: Andras Stoll's face began to tremble after the first bites in Manila

The atmosphere seems particularly good: it is Asia Express Many contestants joke with each other Even Attila In the video he recently posted on Instagram. “We have arrived in Manila, and it is already the afternoon. A little rest and we will fly to the Philippines!” – writes the player-turned-presenter, who reveals that their first dinner featuring local specialties was delivered in a box, and Andras Stoll He's already eaten it all.

Filming for the fourth season of Ázsia Expressz will begin soon, in Tilla's Instagram video, András Stohl's face began to twitch after the first bites – fortunately only as a joke.
(Photo: TV2)

Teela also asks the question To Gabor Krausz: “Chef, do you dare to taste it?” An unexpected response is received: “I wait an hour and if nothing happens (While referring to Stoll Bock)Then I'll eat it too.”
Although Tila made a joke that she also had dinner, it's possible that she and Stoll will start the first month in diapers, but she adds: “We believe nothing will go wrong! Really, Pandey?” The actor rides the pose: “nothing nothing” He exclaims as his mouth begins to tremble. His joke improves the mood among the already tired group of people, who have made several flights in a row, and who have been brought to the East with one goal in mind: Asia Express Season 4.

Watch Tila's video!

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