Another country is waiting for tourists, but not by any conditions

Full protection and a negative test of no more than 72 hours old are required for foreign tourists wishing to enter New Zealand from November. In addition, they will face an additional 14 days of quarantine upon arrival, according to Epidemiology Minister Chris Hecking. CNN. Additional curfew restrictions were also announced on Sunday: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said further tightening was being worked out across Auckland and two other big cities due to the growing number of new cases.

Since March 2020, only foreigners who have lived there legally before have been able to enter the island country. 45 percent of the country, which has a population of five million, has already been fully vaccinated, with 4,000 people infected and 27 dead.

As reported on Friday Our paper also mentioned: Australia welcomes fully vaccinated tourists with open arms from November. With 55 percent of the entire country already protected and the first dose rate approaching 80 percent, the government is poised to boost tourism once again.

So Australia will no longer limit how many people can enter Australia from next month and will only be subject to two days of home quarantine for those who are Australian citizens living abroad or have permanent residence in the country as a foreigner. By the way, Australia has used Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson so far, but starting today, vaccines from Covishield in India and Sinovac in China are also used.

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