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Ancient weapons were found hidden in a cave

Ancient weapons were found hidden in a cave

The local population, rebelling against Rome, managed to hide weapons for 1,900 years.

Four Roman swords and spears from the Bar Kokhba uprising period have been found in Israel, MTI reported based on a statement from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). According to archaeologists, the Jewish rebels may have looted the weapons from Roman soldiers and then hid them in the Judean desert some 1,900 years ago. In a secret chamber in a cave in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, they found long, straight swords with blades 60-65 cm long and a spearhead 45 cm long, preserved in excellent condition.

Two scientists from Ariel University, Assaf Gayer And Boaz Langford The geologist explored the cave in which the weapons were hidden in order to record the Hebrew inscriptions written in ink on a stalactite. Meanwhile, they accidentally stumbled upon the lair, where they found bits of wood and leather, as well as straps, which would once have made up the scabbards of swords.

Ethan KleinOne of the directors of the Israel Antiquities Authority said that the rebels put the weapons in this secret place because they did not want the Roman authorities to discover their possession. Researchers are trying to identify the previous owners, where and by whom the weapons were made, and the historical event that led to their disappearance. For now, it seems most likely that they ended up in the cave in connection with the Bar Kokhba rebellion between 132-135 AD.

An employee of the Israel Antiquities Authority believes that in the future it may be possible to identify the DNA of a person who was alive on the swords, and this may provide additional interesting details.

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