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An unexpected turn may occur in the case of Davide Vekete

An unexpected turn may occur in the case of Davide Vekete

The trial has been going on for nearly three years black david He is accused of committing fraud of 322 million HUF. during this time The former star has been on remand for 14 months and is currently under house arrest at his home in Gyor. According to the indictment, the singer committed several crimes against property, and in one case against public trust, between the summer of 2017 and March 2, 2021, in an attempt to make a regular profit. David maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings. The latest developments He appeared in court in February In a lengthy testimony, he stated that the amount according to the accusation was not real, and that the money invested by his acquaintances was much less.

– If there are items that are not accounted for, I take responsibility for them. I never hurt anyone with premeditation. Previous trading partners recorded amounts charged with compound interest. They have already received their debts, and they wanted to maximize their profits – Al-Mughni said in his testimony that everyone who met him benefited greatly from him.

He hopes that the house arrest will be lifted. Photo: Balázs Csapó

Witnesses are interviewed and evidence examined

The last time they listened to him was for four days Dávid Fekete, a longer 3-day trial period is only set for next week At the court in Gyor. Dr. Gergely Kaposi, the singer’s legal representative, told Burse what he and his client could expect at the hearing before the judicial break.

Our short-term goal is to change the conditions of house arrest. My client has already been under criminal supervision for the past 12 months, but in my view there is no longer any reason to maintain that. The whistleblower will be heard for three days next week, and the Honorable Court will examine the evidence and try to clear up the discrepancies. After that, there will be a break in judgment, so the next case can only continue from the fall

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Davide Vekete’s legal representative disclosed.

After the next session, there is an opportunity for this Lifting the house arrest of the singer. In this way, he will have the opportunity to participate in external programs as well He attends with his twin sons.

Next week’s hearing could also be a huge step forward in implementing his further plans. Photo: Gabor Nagy

You can leave your home to work

At the beginning of the year, the former star received court permission to visit his workplace on a limited basis. Here, moreover, for that I got a chance again Revive your music careerwhere he could also make studio recordings.

– Yes, my client works in a company based in Donaujváros, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the city, and on other days in his home office. For marketing purposes, the company also works with a music studio, where David was given the opportunity to record the song. Thus, they were able to solve the problem of staffing during working hours as an employee of the company said the lawyer earlier, who added that David will want to get one later Filming a video clip for his new song. After next week’s decision, there is a greater chance of achieving this plan.

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