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An American politician has found a solution to the immigration crisis: space lasers

An American politician has found a solution to the immigration crisis: space lasers

The name Marjorie Taylor Greene, unfortunately, is not well known here, but she really deserves it: she is the most entertaining politician in the United States of America, able to confidently believe in all the conspiracy theories in the world at the same time, and is anti-vaccination, and anti-terrorism. Mask, pro-Russian, QAnon believer. Perhaps the easiest way to imagine this is to elevate Dora Duro to Power 23, then give her an AR-15-style semi-automatic assault rifle, and wrap the whole thing in an American flag.

MTG is a congressional representative of the extreme Trumpian right wing of the Republican Party, sometimes more Trumpian than Trump himself. Regarding the Congressional debate on $61 billion aid to Ukraine, for example, the New York Post, which otherwise leans toward Republicans, immortalized his actions with this page First:

According to Ms. Green, instead of helping Ukraine, every cent should be spent on fortifying the border with Mexico, where migrants are pouring into the United States and destroying the white, Christian, heterosexual American dream. In the bill he just introduced, he also mentioned what the money should be spent on: space lasers.

He will add this as an amendment to the law on aid to Ukraine, in addition to another amendment requiring that all representatives who vote for him must be drafted into the Ukrainian army. Like MSNBC NotesIt is very difficult to determine where the serious politician ends and the troll begins in these proposals. Especially since space lasers are MTG's old tool, as early as 2018, it revealed that such lasers caused California wildfires, on behalf of the Rothschild family of Jewish bankers.

And then, we can only express our agreement with Miklós Xantho, President of the Center for Fundamental Rights: Keep it up, Marjorie!

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