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An amazing new discovery about space-time

An amazing new discovery about space-time

Professor Kyu Hyun-chae, head of the Astrophysics Research Group at Sejong University in South Korea, claims that while studying the motion of so-called broad binaries, they discovered anomalies that could not be explained by Newton’s model of gravity or Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Moreover, according to the South Korean scientist, the discovered phenomena go beyond the general theory of relativity, and call into question the validity of some of Einstein’s predictions.

The gravitational field itself is accelerating

One New study Provides compelling evidence of the collapse of standard gravity at the low acceleration limit from verifiable analyzes of the orbital motions of distant, long-period binaries – known as wide binaries in astronomy and astrophysics.

Kyu Hyun-chae is a professor of physics and astronomy at Sejong University, SeoulSource: Sejong University

A group of scientists led by Kyu Hyun-chae, a professor of physics and astronomy at Sejong University in Seoul, examined 26,500 massive binary stars, or double stars, 650 light-years away using the European Space Agency’s Gaia space telescope.

Technical rendering of a binary star systemSource: NASA

Chai’s study focused on calculating the gravitational acceleration of binary stars as a function of their separation, or equivalent orbital period. “It seemed clear to me from the outset that gravity could be tested directly and effectively by calculating acceleration, since the gravitational field itself is acceleration. My recent research experience in galactic rotation curves led me to this idea.

The galaxies we know are among the brightest objects in the universeSource: NASA/JPL-Caltech

– Motion of the arms of galactic disks and massive binaries (double stars, A Mr. Dr.) has a similar orbit, although the wide binaries follow very elongated orbits, while the hydrogen gas molecules in the arms of the galactic disks move in semi-circular orbits,” said study author Professor Kyu Hyun-chae.

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A disturbing and unexplained anomaly has been discovered in the motion of binary stars

The research found that when two stars are about 1 nm/s2 They revolve around each other with an acceleration of less than

Artist’s illustration of the so-called broad binary systemSource: NASA/JPL-Caltech

For accelerations below about 0.1 nm/s, the observed acceleration is about 30-40 percent greater than what would follow from Newton and Einstein’s predictions, i.e. the observed phenomenon contradicts both Isaac Newton’s classical theory of gravity and Albert Einstein’s theory. The general theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein created the general theory of relativity and the concept of space-timeSource: Popper Images / Getty Images

Since the observed accelerations above about 10 nm/s agree well with Newton-Einstein predictions from the same analysis, the observed increase in acceleration at lower accelerations is simply an unexplained puzzle at present.

Sir Isaac Newton. Newton’s laws of gravity laid the foundation for modern physicsSource:

But it is remarkable that the theoretical physicist Mordechai Milgrom, a specialist scientist at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, noticed this error in the Newton-Einstein theory forty years ago, and to get rid of it he put forward a new theory, which is the modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) or Milgrom dynamics called in physics the theory.

So far unobserved dark matter does not exist either

Regarding the research results achieved so far, Zhai stated the following: “It seems impossible that an unknown system could cause such an acceleration-dependent change in standard gravity. In this regard, I have examined all theoretical possibilities as described in the rather long post.

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The results are real.

I am sure the results to date will be confirmed and improved with newer and better-resolution data in the future. For this purpose and in order to serve scientists who are interested in the subject, I have made available all the results of the research.”

Messier M101. Until now, the dynamics of galactic arms have been explained by hypothetical dark matter interference.Source: European Space Agency/Hubble

Unlike the rotational curves of galaxies, in which the increased acceleration is attributed to hypothetical dark matter in the Newton-Einstein standard model of gravity, the broad binaries dynamics cannot be affected by this hypothetical dark matter, even if it does exist.

According to the MOND framework, scalar gravity simply collapses in the weak acceleration limits.

The existence of the hypothesized dark energy was also predicted by Einstein’s cosmological constantSource:

The finding, if confirmed by further control measurements, would therefore mean

And that mysterious, hitherto unobserved dark matter also does not exist.

In astrophysics, hypothetical dark matter is currently used to explain why galaxies do not collapse, and why galactic arms form as observed, even though there are very few stars and interstellar (interstellar) matter.

NGC 1277, a galaxy without dark matter, is located near the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster, 240 million light-years from Earth.Source:

The dark matter hypothesis was introduced to “compensate” for the missing gravitational force according to the calculations, and MOND makes the dark matter hypothesis unnecessary, as it provides an explanation for the observed gravitational effects in the theory itself.

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A new revolution in theoretical physics may begin

The recently discovered consequences of the dynamics of massive binaries may have profound implications for astrophysics, theoretical physics, and cosmology. Despite all the previous successes of Newton’s theory of gravity, general relativity was essential to explaining relativistic gravitational phenomena such as black holes and gravitational waves, which could no longer be explained by classical Newtonian physics.

Artist’s illustration of a black holeSource: Science Photo Library/Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library/Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library

In the same way, for all the success of general relativity, MOND phenomena at the weak acceleration limit also require a new theory. The acceleration anomalies in massive binaries thus pose a serious challenge to both standard gravity and cosmology, which currently rely on notions of dark matter and hypothetical dark energy. And since gravity follows MOND, large amounts of dark matter are no longer needed to explain processes that can only be explained by this.

The acceleration anomaly of binary systems cannot be explained by the Newton-Einstein model of gravitySource: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This also came as a big surprise to research team leader Kyu Hyun-chae.

who, as a typical scientist, believes in dark matter.

It seems that a new revolution in physics is about to begin. Mordihai Milgrom, the “father” of MOND, said the following about the current results and future prospects:

Theoretical physicist Mordhai Milgrom, Mond’s “father”.Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chai’s discovery is the result of a very thorough analysis of the latest data, which, as far as I can tell, he has done with great precision and care. But such a far-reaching finding really needs to be confirmed by independent, far-reaching analyses, preferably with better prospective data. If this anomaly is verified as a collapse of Newtonian dynamics, and especially if it does indeed match MOND’s simplest prediction, it will have enormous implications for astrophysics, cosmology, and physics itself in general.Original post here, a Astrophysical Journal It can be read in the Trade Journal.

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