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According to Moscow, the US is conducting cyberattacks against Russian targets under the Ukrainian flag
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According to Moscow, the US is conducting cyberattacks against Russian targets under the Ukrainian flag

In Johannesburg, South Africa, Patrusev conferred with colleagues from the BRICS organization consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as well as from the group of countries in partnership with them – also known as the Friends of the Five.

The Pentagon’s Cyber ​​Command (US Cyber ​​Command), the US National Security Agency (NSA), and NATO’s Cyber ​​Defense Center in Tallinn are planning and carrying out cyberattacks under the Ukrainian flag against our country’s critical IT infrastructure,” the Secretary of the Russian Security Council confirmed at the meeting, citing state newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“Ukrainian hacker groups are actively participating in such attacks by US intelligence,” Patrusev said. According to him, they are the main targets of cyberattacks The Russian financial system, logistics, communications and energy networks, production companies, government portals.

“It is no secret that Washington and its allies are directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine,” the Russian official stressed. He added that in addition to the aggressive media propaganda campaign and arms shipments, the US Special Operations Command directly supervises the work of the Ukrainian Information and Psychological Operations Center.

“The West has chosen the path of militarizing cyberspace and mastering cyberattacks,” he said. Urging internationalization of internet surveillance, Patrusev said Washington was abusing its monopolistic position in regulating the internet and using surveillance for the purposes of its neo-colonial aspirations.

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