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According to Balázs Orbán, freedom, democracy and the protection of the rule of law are essential

According to Balázs Orbán, freedom, democracy and the protection of the rule of law are essential

Rightists bring order, leftists bring chaos, Balaz Orban, the political director of the Prime Minister’s double-edged in Tusfanios, answered a question from the audience. He himself would rather live in a country where graffiti is treated as vandalism and where there is order – unlike Budapest, where he doesn’t know exactly what has changed since 2019, but He walks the streets as if the dirt is larger.


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As it was established several times during the festival, it is also now: things are not very good in the European Union, of course there is always hope for change. According to him, change can only be brought about by citizens or an alternative political side. That is why Hungary is looking for partners who think like it and who think differently from the elite in Brussels. “Europe is weakening culturally, economically and militarily,” he said, while the fierce humor of Szomszédnéni Produkciós Iroda pushed jokes from the tent behind him.

The important family political and community organization has also been jeopardized, which Orban blames on bad Western decisions – especially on energy. These have plunged all countries into inflation and economic hardship – not adding that Hungarian inflation far exceeds that of the other countries of the union.

In addition to the decline of the European Union, he sees that China is beginning to rise, and America is setting itself up against it. According to Orban, Hungary is open to dealing with America, but at the same time, he sees their unwillingness to participate in the development of the Central European region as a problem, and they even charge us not to “wrap ourselves in the rainbow flag.”

That is why he considers it important to understand that the region is opening up to China as it offers mutually beneficial business opportunities. Capital and investment opportunities from outside the Western world contribute to the expansion of the Hungarian economy and therefore, according to him, it is not in our interest for them to be withheld.

dangerous polarization

According to Orban, polarization, division and questioning of identity will be among the greatest dangers to countries in the world. He cited the United States as an example, as well as China. “Our competitive advantage is that Hungarian society is culturally homogeneous, strong in its identity” and open to communities, Orbán said, and this must be nurtured. With the dismantling of identities, there is a need for a government that recognizes the elements of identity that it seeks to strengthen and that does not allow anything to dismantle it. He sees many similar examples in America of increasingly powerful and fragmented nations, such as A.S

  • young man
  • westerners – easterners,
  • The opposite of religious people – atheists.

According to Urban, we do not have such:

  • There is no contrast between east and west,
  • “We have removed cross-border conflict within borders,”
  • And in our country, “the controversy between the Roma and the Hungarians is less intense, and is maintained at a manageable level – mainly because of the catch-up by the Roma.”

Regarding the minority, a question was also received from the audience, according to Orbán’s position on the fact that the Romanian government oppresses the Hungarian minority in Romania under its strong sovereign nation-states. How can this be solved?

“There is a need for a strong representation of the interests of minorities and the protection of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. (…) because if these fundamental principles are enforced, the required minority rights will also be enforced” – says Balázs Orbán. He said, “If someone seriously thinks about the importance of nations, he does not believe that the nationally conscious minorities who live in their lands will suddenly give up their identity.”

biggest challenges

According to Orban, if we are serious about a strategy based on connectivity, we must preserve our sovereign political space, and Europe must be directed in a direction that serves the rise of Central Europe. Unprecedented investments are needed in infrastructure:

  • Bridges must be built
  • Railways
  • University research centers.

As an example, he cited the two Pakistan Railways – which are being prepared with Russian cooperation – and the Budapest-Belgrade Railway – which were built with a Chinese loan. All this at a time when the government is working to eliminate this type of investment, when the situation of the Hungarian railway rolling stock fleet is catastrophic and when, owing to the state of the tracks, the entire schedule in eastern Hungary is threatened with collapse.

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