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A special, unreleased Killstreak has appeared in Warzone tournaments

A special, unreleased Killstreak has appeared in Warzone tournaments

For long-time Warzone players, Killstreak has been added to the lineup. It's a small flaw that the developers haven't said a word about.

11.03.2024 – Warzone Reloaded Season 2 hit the servers a few days ago, on March 6th. As you might have guessed, there was no shortage of novelties this time around either. Every fan of the game mode got an upgrade for the specific agent, so nothing went wrong. Warzone users have been enriched with new points of interest, Killstreaks and field upgrades, while the developers have not forgotten the story of the Zombie mode. Modern Warfare III owners can enjoy redesigned courses and new weapons available in all modes.

It shouldn't be surprising either Basement bunker Not even the Killstreak of the same name. The area marked in the scope is being bombarded by the game, even extending several floors. You will be able to surprise snipers in an excellent way with this device. It goes back to what was present in the previous games PDS stands for Portable Decontamination Station also. With its help, we can protect the team from harmful gas for a certain time, but soon it will appear on the mini-map of other agents as well. Best of all, it can be mounted on a vehicle, so there are plenty of tactical options. However, it appears that an unexpected second Killstreak has also appeared on the servers.

Warzone players are facing an unreleased Killstreak

An unreleased killing spree in Vondel
bysh/shibuzz StringCODWarzone

In recent days, Warzone players have reported an interesting phenomenon on the servers. Most reports included the Vondel route, so there's a good chance we'll have more opportunities to encounter the unreleased Killstreak on Dutch Island. Killstreak is Insight He has a name. Routine vixens may remember that this Killstreak was already seen in the original client. In addition, it can be especially useful for the team, since It reveals to players where rounds will narrow. Accordingly, formations can plan and prepare for the endgame in advance.

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There wouldn't be anything wrong with that, but on paper there is no Killstreak in the new client. The developers haven't mentioned its arrival anywhere, and there's no indication of its return in the official blog post. However, lucky players were happy with Killstreak, as the nostalgia factor was somewhat amplified. The developers have also not responded to this discovery yet, but there's a good chance we won't have to wait long for that to happen either.

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