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A new trend is spreading for women to protect themselves from bullies

A new trend is spreading for women to protect themselves from bullies

There are a few lucky women who have never been harassed during their lives, for example, when they went out to have a good time in the evening. But can an oversized shirt protect us from rude comments from men?

After New York and the United Kingdom, the phenomenon of megalopolis began to spread in Hungary as well. The gist of it is that young girls who go out for fun wear a men’s T-shirt of XXL size over their short skirts and low-cut shirts, so that they are not subjected to shouting and harassment as they walk from their house to their house. Nightclub.

It is never the victim’s fault

This type of grassroots organization is mainly positive, but it is important to see beyond the message. He draws attention to this Miro Vera is a lawyerYou can’t help it, but you can do something about it.

“Unfortunately, in many places people still believe that if a woman wears a shorter skirt, it gives a man the right to dress according to his mood. Whistle after him down the street“Or even physical bullying,” says Vera Miro. “We also often encounter blaming the victim for what he expected when he dressed like this. However, what happens is never the fault of the victim, but the fault of the bully, and furthermore, my experience is that a woman can be insulted even while wearing teddy bear pants, or in the nightclub she has previously been to. He takes off his metro shirt“.

Harassment of women is not limited to women onlyTomazl/Getty Images Hungary

It’s not about women, it’s about society

The expert says that there is progress on this topic – because at least we are talking about it – but it is sad that in the 21st century, our job is to make sure that women can feel safe when they leave the house at night.

“4-5 years ago, I launched an appeal on my page #What to wear? with the title. 3,500 comments were received, and each woman reported some unpleasant situation for her, from whistling to physical atrocities. Many people think that if they follow all the rules – for example, they wear clothes that cover their bodies No harm to them. But this is not so.

Vera Miro stressed that it is necessary for change to have a greater critical mass in society raise their voices in society. Harassment of women Against it, because this is not something anyone should have to put up with. In addition, it is important not to treat this as a women’s matter, as the person to whom this happens also has a brother, father or husband, who certainly cares that his loved ones are not harassed in the open street.

If we work together, the bully will usually back down

If we work together, the bully will usually back downMartin Baroud/Getty Images Hungary

“Do you think what’s happening to me is okay?”

It is important that if a woman finds herself in such a situation, she should also have the means to stop it, and not remain helpless if we witness harassment. the Hosok Terry Foundation I have been holding training sessions for years and the purpose is to leave the crowd of spectators and be able to act.

“During the trainings, we also tell you what a bullied person can do,” explains György Oros, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. “Let’s speak to more people, define them in some way so they feel; That responsibility now falls on them, but they don’t have to stand up to the bully alone. For example: “Will the man in the plaid shirt or the man in the red shirt help me?” Do you think what is happening to me is normal?’ In this way, they come together and can take action against the bully.”

We are also not expected to confront the bully alone if we witness the incident.

First of all, we shouldn’t feel excused from taking action because we’re in a hurry, or because we feel old, or because we’re afraid of possible consequences, but we don’t have to solve everything on our own.

“In this case too, the key is that many of us act, and we can start cooperation ourselves,” emphasizes György Orosz. if More of us are interacting “For example, we rescue the lady from this situation and surround her, and the attacker will retreat.”

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