A moldy, discolored turkey has ruined Christmas for many British families

There are complaints of strange looking and smelly poultry on Twitter.

In the UK, turkeys of unacceptable quality were delivered from many supermarket chains to citizens’ homes.

Brits complain on Twitter, mentioning the many supermarket chains: some people got their meat from Sainsbury’s or Tesco, others from Lidl or Morrisons, but the experiences were similar for all sources:

After thawing, they were dealt with discolored and foul-smelling poultry meat (often thrown in the trash).

woman Collected Some of the more serious cases were quoted by a British tabloid, for example Sophie Wakewho bought “food” at Lidl: “There’s a lot for Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve – it’s just a joke. There’s just no meat, but the smell of rotting meat permeates the house. Unacceptable.”

the Has bad reputation Twitter username The man wrote in the post: “What the hell is going on in Sainsbury’s? A rotten turkey. Ruined Christmas. Children are crying. Now we have to eat bean toast. What a shame.”

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