Unnamed - Netflix embarrassingly avoids one of Netflix's biggest scandals

Unnamed – Netflix embarrassingly avoids one of Netflix’s biggest scandals

Embarrassingly avoiding mentioning Netflix’s Dave Chappelle in his job interviews, he even pitched a script to HR staff if his name came up, writes the edge.

According to a leaked internal message, Netflix is ​​preparing for more embarrassing job interview questions, including one of the biggest scandals in recent years, the Dave Chappelle story. On the latest Netflix show of Standupo Chappelle films, final chapterIn (The Closer) several scandals have erupted in recent years, such as jokes about past controversies about LGBTQ members.

The ball was announced on Netflix due to a show called Transphobia, in which employees organized several indoor demonstrations while the company was trying to clear the issue under the rug. So in your interviews you will:

As per the scenario and instructions circulated to HR staff, Netflix is ​​asking recruiters to turn the word over as soon as possible during a job interview if Chappelle’s name comes up.

“Find a way to end the topic respectfully and shift the word if there are any issues that aren’t in the script,” The Verge said in an email.

You can scratch Netflix’s head, Chappelle’s status won’t go away. They wanted to sweep it under the rug. Photo: Netflix

Netflix is ​​also preparing recruits for the possibility of a demonstration in October during the interview: “We appreciate our transgender colleagues and allies and understand that we have caused deep pain. We respect the decisions of all employees who have chosen to take action on this topic, and acknowledge that we still have a long way to go at Netflix. ,” as stated in the textbook, emphasizing the inclusiveness of the company and its inclusive culture.

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According to the email, the official positions do not want to serve as a scenario for recruiters, they should only be used as a lifeline if the Chappelle case comes up. However, it is not known to what extent one can deviate from these positions.

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