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A few hours before giving birth, she found out that she would have twins – Margaret Thatcher as a mother – a baby girl

A few hours before giving birth, she found out that she would have twins – Margaret Thatcher as a mother – a baby girl

Margaret Thatcher was born Margaret Hilda Roberts in Grantham in 1925. Although he trained as a chemist and worked at his trade after graduating, he became president of the Oxford University Governors' Society in 1946 while still at the university. In the following years, she moved up the political ladder well and, in addition to her career, gave birth to children and gave birth to twins at the age of 28. But have you been able to balance work and your private life?

They were Margaret Thatcher's children

Margaret joined the Conservative Party in 1951 and met her future husband, Denis Thatcher, in the same year. Until then, he had worked as a research chemist, but in the 1950-51 election he ran as a Conservative candidate in Dartford. Although she lost the election, she attracted media attention as the youngest and only candidate and, moreover, managed to reduce the disadvantages of the conservative party in the affected region. They married Denis Thatcher in 1951, and he funded his wife's further studies. The Thatcher couple's children, Mark and Carol, were born in 1953.

Since ultrasound technology was not used in the 1950s, Margaret discovered that she was pregnant with twins a few hours before giving birth. Due to her children, she missed the 1955 election, but she was not satisfied with just the role of mother: she was reportedly still recovering from the caesarean section when she took the bar exam. During her time with her children, she did internships at four different companies, conducted interviews, and wrote articles on political topics. Naturally, her nanny helped her in all this, and her husband – who was already a wealthy businessman when they met – also supported her political ambitions.

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He became a member of Parliament at the age of 34 years

In 1959, when the twins were six years old, Margaret stood for election again, this time successfully: she became Member of Parliament for Finchley in north London at the age of thirty-four. The family received help first from a nanny named Barbara, then Abby.

– The two of them looked after the children, and I called home from home every night a little before six o'clock to see if everything was all right, and to give the children an opportunity to complain that he was not there at all – said Thatcher.

The twins were seven years old when they became boarding school students and could only return home during breaks and weekends. Although this may seem harsh from a European point of view, in Great Britain the institution of boarding school was accepted and even viewed as a positive thing by upper-middle-class families.

In 1969, Margaret Thatcher was elected Minister of Education in Edward Heath's government. She reached the peak of her political career after her children were grown: in 1979 she became the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He held this position until 1990.

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Life balance with work

She lived her life very differently from British women in general, but the Iron Lady – the name comes from a Soviet journalist, who acquired it because of Margaret Thatcher's steadfast political leadership – was not a feminist. Moreover, as a conservative politician, he generally believed that a woman's place was at home, with her children. Although he has repeatedly stated that work-life balance depends only on good time management and willpower, an interview he gave to Saga magazine in the 1990s revealed that it was not easy for him either:

-You can't do everything at once. It has been a great honor to be the Prime Minister of my country. Yes, I wanted to see my children more. We don't have Sunday lunch together and we don't go skiing together anymore. But I didn't regret it.

Mark became a businessman, Carol became a journalist, and they are both now 70 years old.

10-question quiz on Margaret Thatcher: What is the most famous title of the British Prime Minister?

In our quiz, you can test how well you know the famous British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

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source: Lottie Budai and Rosie Zbor: What mothers they were,

(Photos: Getty Images Hungary)

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