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A fan has created his own Nintendo PlayStation! [VIDEO]

A fan has created his own Nintendo PlayStation! [VIDEO]

For this purpose, he used SNES and PS1, and since the collaboration between Sony and Nintendo will be a CD add-on for the 16-bit Big N platform, his idea is a good fit…

YouTuber James Channel has created the unique controller that can play PS1 games, as well as some Nintendo products. From the outside, we can see a SNES device, but its hardware is closer to a Sony console. The YouTuber has created unique and bizarre video game hardware before, so he was able to make the TI-83 calculator run in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. (Texas Instruments calculators are experiencing a unique renaissance, to put it mildly…)

The Nintendo Play Station was created in 1988, and we've already seen a prototype of it. A console capable of playing Nintendo SNES tapes, with the addition of Sony's CD, turned the project into a console that was promising at the time, but ultimately failed due to the betrayal of the Big N Corporation. (Nintendo made a deal with Philips without Sony's knowledge, so the Mario and Zelda IP appeared on CD, and Sony released the PlayStation in Japan at the end of 1994 in retaliation…)

The hardware challenge for YouTubers was to fit the PS1 architecture into the Japanese SNES (Super Famicom, SFC) framework. Some items had to be moved, so the on/off switch, reset, and disc eject button are not in their original place. Placing the drive was an additional challenge. You can basically see this above the structure, and this is how the CD would spin… basically in the air. Understandably, this isn't a perfect solution, but a cassette is also smaller than a CD and doesn't need as much space as a CD reader.

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However, it's a solution that exists, as we can see in the video of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto game working. Even originally region-restricted games (like Pepsiman, which was only released in Japan) work, but with a bit of a catch. Nintendo games (not SNES titles, ironically because the PS1 hardware isn't powerful enough…) run on emulation.

source: GameRant

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