Google was literally handing out free money

There was also someone who had unexpectedly obtained the sum of hundreds of thousands of forints.

Google Pay: Save and Pay users got a big surprise in the middle of last week, incomprehensible cash-back rewards in the mobile app that can be used to pay in stores and send money between individuals BackThe amounts have been credited to the internal balances of the users by the company.

You should not touch the funds that have mysteriously appeared on the accounts, criminal proceedings may be the end of their arbitrary confiscationCredit: Alexander Mils/Pexels

Reddit reports Based on The majority got a few dozen dollars at most, however, there were also those who thought the amount posted was enough to pay the rent, their car premium, as well as the car insurance premium, and there would still be a few hundred dollars left.

As you might imagine, the free money was the result of a system error, and a few hours later, Google sent a notice to the users affected in the matter, saying that, given the chance, it would have reversed the wrong credits. And those who voluntarily transferred the money received from their internal balance can keep it: the company does not attempt to deduct it from their bank card saved in the app, nor does it even block their user account for their action, which is legally considered theft.

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