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5 places with lakeside terraces in Budapest where you can cool off in the summer heat

5 places with lakeside terraces in Budapest where you can cool off in the summer heat

Although the temperature in the coming days is not expected to be as hot as we have seen in recent weeks, summer is not over yet, and the temperature will still be above 30 degrees. We also show you some places where you can cool off in the summer heat.

From spring to fall, you can enjoy the possibilities offered by the cozy Buttler Terrace on the shores of Lake Orczy. The open and shaded two-storey balcony contributes greatly to the pleasant environment, as the hottest days of summer can be tolerated more easily. Order fresh, fresh orange juice and enjoy the exciting flora and fauna of Orczy Park.

1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2.

Photo: Orczy Summer Chill Facebook

If, in addition to cooling off, you need to slow down a bit during a hectic weekday, Hemingway Restaurant, located in the heart of the city, on the shores of Bottomless Lake, is the place to be. On their offer you can find masterpieces of Hungarian and international cuisine, which you can eat right on the peaceful terrace overlooking the lake. What’s more, they think of families, setting up family-friendly discounts and programs for you on Sunday afternoons.

1113 Budapest, Kosztolányi Dezs tér 2.

Photo: Hemingway Restaurant on Facebook

Recently, a bistro was added to the capital’s newest eco-park, Vizafogó Park at the foot of the Árpád Bridge. Named after the inhabitants of the nearby lake, the whimsically shaped waterside restaurant is the sweet-sounding Kacintó and is the perfect place to unwind by the day, especially in the summer heat. Choose from alcoholic or non-alcoholic refreshments and relax on the terrace while nibbling on a delicious plate of ham and cheese.

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1138 Budapest, Párkány utca 39-41.

Photo: Kacintó Facebook

Robinson Restaurant dates back to 1989 and has been visited by countless celebrities over the years, and its popularity has not waned since then. This is also due to the fact that it is built on the shore of Lake Városligeti, where you can enjoy a private view at any time of the day thanks to the trio of lake shore, park and Vajdahunyad Castle. So the great location is taken for granted, but at Robinson they can add to the experience the heavenly selection of local and international dishes available here.

1146 Budapest, Lake City

Photo: Robinson’s Restaurant Facebook

Don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on cooling opportunities in the heart of Cuba this summer. Guttmann has a wooden cottage built on the shore of Lake Újhegyi, accompanied by a comfortable terrace decorated with checkered tables, with a gentle breeze from the waterside. Here you can have a good time without any problems, in the company of each other and with small Czech breweries, food and drinks made with high-quality ingredients.

1108 Budapest, Újhegyi t 8-12.

Photo: Facebook for Guttmann
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