You will also be able to install Windows 11 on older PCs

You will also be able to install Windows 11 on older PCs

However, this can only be done cleanly and at your own risk.

Microsoft finally provided updated information about large port disruption for Windows 11 Minimum Machine Requirements Regarding, unfortunately strongly mysterious developments We can report. First of all, the company basically adheres to all the previous minimum requirements, that is, it does not give up Secure Boot and TPM 2.0, but it was ready to have minimal leniency in terms of processors, it included Intel Core X and Intel Xeon W among them Supported models, specifically Intel Core i7-7820HQ. The latter works on the Surface Studio 2, sold to this day.

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However, Microsoft leaves a loophole for those who have unofficially supported laptops and desktops, and won’t check for “additional” requirements when cleaning Windows 11. Anyone who installs the operating system from a DVD or flash drive, and doesn’t try to upgrade it From Windows 10, it will be enough to show a 64-bit and dual-core processor, 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage for a successful installation.

However, in the case of unsupported hardware configurations, Microsoft makes no warranty regarding the operation of Windows 11, including the availability and deployment of security and functionality updates.

Microsoft has re-announced that it has brought the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 for maximum stability and security, and is therefore not ready to change it significantly. It claims that 99.8% of compatible PCs are crash-free, with 52% more kernel-mode crashes on unsupported configurations. The data may look bad on first read, but they say there are between two and a thousand chances of crashes on supported configurations and three to a thousand on unsupported ones.

This does not appear to be a statistically significant difference.

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