You can have a big back seat for a four-day work week

You can have a big back seat for a four-day work week

Even the biggest workaholics in the world are starting to realize that four days work week Writing after examining the mood for the World Economic Forum in Davos Bloomberg. This opportunity was a topic of the panel discussion, and participants concluded that increased productivity can be achieved despite short working hours, and that flexible work schedules can help retain quality workers.

The system implemented in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most important tests of the four-day working week. After the country’s leadership paved the way for reduced working hours in early 2022, 70 percent of workers felt they were working more efficiently and absenteeism was cut by 55 percent, according to a survey by the country’s development ministry.

People want to be more flexible about their time at work—it’s not where they work that matters, but when and how much matters, says Adam Grant, professor of organizational psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Research School.

In the Emirates, they wanted to boost part of their workers’ well-being and part of their family relationships with shorter working hours, but the measure had a side effect surely appreciated by the economists meeting in Davos: people spend more for longer. Weekends.

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