Wolf wanted to encourage Bottas, but he could be a lot quieter

Wolf wanted to encourage Bottas, but he could be a lot quieter

Toto Wolff tries to motivate Valtteri Bottas for a faster run with more stimulating music, but according to our teammate, that didn’t happen in Portugal.

It’s rare to hear Toto Wolf’s voice on a Mercedes team, usually even in the most dangerous situations, only the pilots races, and perhaps James Fowles, in charge of the strategy. The reason for this is that Wolff wants to make more space for the more experienced professionals in the racing lineup, which is also the reason why the first man on the team didn’t hit the boxing wall.

Wolf is quieterForrs: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Lars Baron

But at the end of last season, his attitude changed a little after talking to Valtteri Bottas and it turned out that it would be good for the Finnish image if he got a little encouragement. Fabulous Wolf sometimes casts a personal gaze and signals an opponent as the fastest or fastest opponent and poses something.

He also did in Portugal after Bottas lost second place to Max Verstappen, but Mercedes was faster than Red Bull. Wolf asked Potastle to “track down” the Dutch knight, but that did not achieve the effect of kvnt.

“I’m so excited and I think it would come if I had a drain valve for Valtteri. Even so, it didn’t come, so it would be better if I just kept quiet or at least chatted with him,” said our teammate, who was also He wasn’t sure if such motivated obsessions were needed.

About the contestant, he said: “Mentlessan is strong.” Collect himself [az imolai] After the heat, he began to wake up [Verstappen mg] “He chased after him, but when he lost his way, I love his pace, so I might not do it in the future,” said the Austrian businessman.

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Vgl is not a dnttt distraction music

Bottas did not fall behind, but because his car lost its rhythm due to a sensor error. The details of this were explained by Vowles.

Bottas led at first, later ahead of Hamilton and VerstappenForers: AFP / Gabriel Boyes

“In round 54, Valtery’s pace went straight down, long enough to be delayed by a few seconds,” he said. – We have a lot of feel in the car, except for the fact that if something goes wrong, we can buy it. The resources were perfectly fine now, but one of the sensors sent the numbers completely wrong, so he turned the resource on his face, trying to buy it. ”

“After two hours, the sensor broke completely, the power was back to normal, and we had nothing else to do. We also use several methods to manage the resource process, one of which is [default] There’s also zemmdok, they can hear it in rdi. We can fix the faulty sensors with this, but she has now used Valtteri’s chance to take second place. “

“Even though he did a great job, he made his way around Verstappen and pressured him to hold on to speed.”

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