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Will you be brave enough to get through it? Europe got a new pedestrian suspension bridge

Will you be brave enough to get through it?  Europe got a new pedestrian suspension bridge

Umbria is also called the green heart of Italy due to its wooded hills and because it is located in the interior of the country, and now we can enjoy its natural treasures and pearly villages from a new perspective.

Spanning a valley, the nearly eight-kilometre-long suspension bridge connecting Celano and Montesanto is one of the highest bridges in Europe at 175 metres. The journey, which consists of about a thousand steps, can be completed in approximately half an hour to three-quarters of an hour.

In addition to the view of the abyss, the production of adrenaline is enhanced by the sixty-eight-meter climb towards Montesanto, and at the bottom of the so-called Tibetan Bridge, the boards are located at some distance from each other, so you can have to pay close attention to where you step. But there is no need to be afraid, because visitors are also protected from falling by a safety belt.

As the mayor of Celano, Attilio Gobbiotti, said, they want to revive the abandoned village, which residents began to leave after a series of devastating earthquakes that struck central Italy in 2016.

The bridge, which opened over the Easter weekend, accepts a maximum of ninety visitors per hour, and tickets can currently be purchased until May 5. On the Celano tourism page. Tourists must follow certain rules, the most important thing is to wear appropriate shoes. Children can climb onto the bridge from a height of one hundred and twenty centimeters.

If the weather is bad, the building can be closed, but there are still attractions in the area, starting with Celano, which is regularly chosen as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge is just an arm's length away, and these are the scariest bridges in the world.

(source: CNNthe pictures: Visit Celano/Facebook(Getty Images)

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