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What would happen if the earth rotated faster?
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What would happen if the earth rotated faster?

On June 29, 2022, the Earth rotated on its axis in 1.59 milliseconds less time, thereby setting the record for the shortest day in the series of speed records recorded since 2020. Obviously, the increase in speed is not something we notice in our daily lives, but if it becomes a trend in future, it will be difficult to ignore.

It may take a few years to see changes from the faster rotation, but there will certainly be clear signs, said Witold Fraczek, an analyst at ESRI, a GIS software company.

“I think the Amazon Basin, north of Australia, not to mention the islands in the tropics, will all be submerged. I’m not sure how deep the water is, but I estimate it’s 30 to 65 feet deep,” he added. Fraczek revealed.

Another effect of the ever-accelerating rotation is that satellites sent into space will be displaced from their orbits. Satellites in geosynchronous orbit are designed to match the speed of the Earth, so they can stay in the same place — but if the Earth accelerates, the satellites will fall behind.

As a result, satellite communications, television broadcasts, and military and intelligence operations may be disrupted.

And because of the extra centrifugal force from its faster spin, we’ll actually be pushing less than normal. NASA astronomer Sten Odenwald calculated that if we accelerated to 17,641 miles per hour at the equator, the centrifugal force would be great enough to render us weightless, but it’s not certain that our bodies would survive that.

A great increase in speed would also make me feel tired due to the shortness of the days, and even a slow increase would be enough to affect the Earth’s atmosphere and crust, which would mean that hurricanes would spin faster and there would be massive earthquakes.

Finally, if the Earth’s speed reaches 17,000 miles per hour, the rain will move in the opposite direction, and instead of falling to the ground, it will go up into the atmosphere.


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