We have the Olympic plan lottery

Sunday evening in Rotterdam, with the men’s Olympic qualifiers closed, the group standings for the men’s and women’s Olympic water polo tournament are decided. The Attila Br team, among others, joined the Olympic CMVD with the United States and the host group in Japan, while the men could fight the Italians and Greggs to avoid the dlszlv trit in first place of the group.

The Hungarian men’s race for the European Championship 2020 went straight to the Olympics, and managed to pull the lottery from the second hat, buying a ticket from Tokyo to the Trieste qualifiers in January.

The Olympic draw took the second Tames Center team, the Attila Malg team from the third hat to watch the draw, so it was certain that the former could not be put in a group with the Olympic Serbs and the latter with the Dutch. .

The 12 participants were divided into two groups of six.

Hats arrangement:
Hat 1: Italy and Spain. Hat 2: Serbia and Hungary. Hat 3: United States, Australia. Hat 4: South Africa, Kazakhstan. Hat 5: Montenegro, Georgia (1st and 2nd places in qualifying). Hat 6: Croatia (third in qualifying), Japan

Collective Olympic Tournament:
the group:
South Africa, USA,Hungary, Greece, Japan, Italy
Group B:Australia, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Montenegro
The groups are shown in Figures 1-4. They will enter the places in the quarter as they cross with the first group of the other group, and if South Africa bounces off the tower, Russia will finish fourth in the Rotterdam qualifiers.

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Olympic and world champion Norbert Hosninsky told MVLSZ employees in Budapest that he has no particular significance for the lottery, as the main issues will be decided in the immediate phase.

This time, not eight teams were placed but ten teams in two groups. The Hungarian national team, the US national team, the Spanish national team and the Chinese team joined the team.

Hats arrangement:
Hat 1: United States, Spain. Hat 2: Russia, Australia. Hat 3: Hungary and the Netherlands. 4. Fish: Canada, Kanna. 5. Fish: South Africa, Japan

Collective Olympic Tournament:
the group:
Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Spain, Canada
Group B: Russia, we were, Hungary, The United States, Japan
The groups are shown in Figures 1-4. Positions enter the quarter, where they intersect with the first group of the other group. If South Africa bounced off the tower, Georgia could finish fourth in Trieste’s qualifiers.

Attacking goalkeeper Edina Gangl told the Hungarian Volleyball Federation in Budapest that he had given up the draw, because he was sure Mister avoided the indomitable American team in the quarter, as there was no team in the other group like the Hungarian. It cannot be overcome.

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