Water polo should be a sport in the 21st century

Tamas Farago, winner of the vote, is the link between great generations, and the goal of life is to leave an imprint.

Tamas Farago didn’t just love his talent (Image: Hady Tombach)


Representatives of three golden generations, Tamas Farago, Tamas Casas and Deso Germati, stand on the polling booth on shirts. All of them, so a winning carver is also a perfect pick. About this, Colonial just said that he personified water polo. In addition, as the hero of the 1970s, he is a bridge, a link between the ages in which triumph and triumph accumulate. He can still see and venerate the colonies as a hero, they can still see him, and they still see him today, and the Kasha can respect them as heroes.

“He once said that he does not despise the praise behind his back, but he would rather be praised much more than that. Would he take that first place?
– I’d love to get praise.

– They are given to you constantly. Who is the champion of a popular and popular sport, a famous classic, who, at the end of his career as a player, could be a catalyst in the sport comparable to its predecessors?
“It has always been a feature of me that I not only love my talent, but also respect others. When I see a talent, it fills me with good feeling. It strengthens my faith in people.

Category of game reads

“Many ex-idols feel that time has stopped when they retire. He can’t find him, and sometimes he doesn’t even look for his place, unable to heal him if he’s not recognized. Have you ever experienced this?
– No. Perhaps because, as Dezs (Dezs Gyarmati) once said, perhaps due to his anger, I customized and embodied the water polo. At the same time, he also realizes that today’s generation already recognizes Kasás.

There may be other reasons for this. I once asked Gianni De Majestris, the Italian superstar in the 1970s, what he thought would be the result if he played a match with equal fitness in the 1976 and 1999 Hungarian teams, and after some hesitation he replied to my shock, seven-for-one or eight, you would win more and more.
– Not sure about that. This is more of an indirect praise from Gianni, as it was true that he was second or third at the time, but he could have won later. I think the comparison is superfluous. From prehistoric times to modern times, they have always known outstanding players who could also play water polo.

“You may not even remember it, but I saw it with my own eyes, and I’ll tell you briefly now.” At the 1989 World Cup in West Berlin, which is still there, as Arenzano’s coach, I watched the great Italian player of the time, Massimiliano Ferretti, Arrenzano’s T-shirt, making a fateful shot in the hair of a match. After the match, on the beach, I think, they talked about this, because as soon as you took off your jeans, you jumped into the water in a swimsuit, and from Ferretti’s place twice in a row, he scored the same goal scored in a short period. Pumps. Why and what does he know, do they know better than offspring?
Water polo started in the direction of physical development, and today modernity means that players train a lot, and get a great load on the ground and in the water. This was not the case in the past. We thought it would be a classic for someone reading the game and also gained the technical knowledge to do so. But let’s leave this, it feels like an unnecessary polishing while our three-time Olympic champions have done wonders, heroes.

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“You could have won the Olympics three times, but in addition to the gold, you have silver and bronze.” The difference between a single Olympic champion and zero times and an Olympic great champion, but in your eyes, what is the difference between a single, double and triple?
– In 1972 we were in second place, one goal difference, it was painful. In Moscow, we took third place mainly because the energy there is no longer working as well as it used to be. We didn’t want to win anymore, we didn’t want to catch up with her, and that includes completely different content. Obviously the account speaks in favor of the three Olympic champions, but in America they see it differently – when I get there they’re always told multiple times that gold, silver, and bronze medals are just how good they are. This is how I live.

When it comes to the long history of football or handball, it is often heard that they were still playing “wooden blocks” at the time, but the T-shirts held more respect for their ancestors. Maybe it’s also because it’s happening in a foreign medium that restricts movement, so change, difference in speed, is the least exciting here?
– It’s true. Of course, all sports evolve, primarily in theory, so the match no longer consists of winning and strategy zones and not just scoring. Regardless, winning teams always had personalities that guaranteed to win. The individual was then defeated by the team, but again, among the teams that were already doing well mechanically, the team that was able to produce a class or two won.

Carved Wedges were thought to be a classic for anyone reading the game and gaining the technical knowledge to do so (Image: MTI)
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Unify everyone’s events

– He still sees Jeremy, Giorgi Karpatti, Kalman Markovitz. What memories do you have of them?
“As a little kid, they appeared in my eyes as a champion in the pool. Colonial later became my coach, in addition to my role model, and I derived a lot from his mentality, and his desire to win without compromise. The Carpathian was a very intelligent and energetic individual, but it was also due to his physical abilities. Markovets’ game smarts, the passing skill was classic.And then suddenly I thought what would happen if someone came that would unite the virtues of all of them.

– He came?
– This is what I was trying to do. I was respectful and humble. I even went to the pool with the kids, even to Benedict when he was a little kid, because you can learn from everything, from what the kid experiences. The talent knows what the other cannot do, the genius also knows what the other cannot imagine. But the great people can only become great people within a team.

“In the prime of his life, it wouldn’t have been advisable for him to be an Eastern Bloc, but he just didn’t care about that in the least. I heard from our male handball players at the Montreal Olympics that while they were going to lunch at the Olympic Village in a disciplined column wearing a uniform and almost double, ” I ran into them in loose-fitting clothes, slippers, disjointed, and long hair, all alone, and he asked them: Are you always at the same time? Did you consciously or instinctively step out of every line?
“Socialist society was trying convulsively to impose symmetry on everyone, and I really do not belong to this great unit. I have also shown that I am an individual, and an independent personality. That came with criticism that I was subjected to as well. Maybe my popularity also boosted because people saw my hero, Ludas. Matyi or Achilles, inside me.

“You recently sent me an informative SMS text message: If the bear is already eating from your hand, be careful, it will eat from your feet one day.” Did she taste you too?
– Naturally. It is no coincidence that this is a Zeclair fact passed down from generation to generation, which is why the Zeclear nation is still in existence. Everyone just so happens to be amazed at something that didn’t happen the way they imagined it to be.

“For example, that you never became an adult federal captain with men, even though you probably felt that the position would really be yours?” So don’t quote, don’t measure, just ask. Do you mind this never happened?
– No. I thought I would follow that when we coached this amazing generation with Fecsó (Ferenc Kemény) on the youth and junior national teams. There was an agreement that if it turns out, we will continue to do so. Then it was not clear that Dénes Kemény had become the captain of the federation team, and time justified that decision. He’s won the Olympics three times, and as I’ve said many times, he’s the uncle of Bella Kumgadi of the 21st century.

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One picture, three Olympic golds: Federal President Attila Farago and Vary (Photo: Attila Turuk)

Find out who the butterfly is

“But he was a captain, not just any world champion and European team.” At the local European Championships in 2001, the girls fetched the gold medal instead of the boys, but after the final match, I ran away from the pool and Margaret Island at a pace I’d never seen before in a T-shirt. Where did he escape from and where?
The players take on the role of the coach, so after winning, it seems stupid to celebrate the coach when the players should. In fact, I think the captain should be thrown into the water if his team didn’t win, at least everyone can tell who is the scapegoat.

“It’s an original joke, but I take the following suggestion very seriously.” Water polo was a successful Hungarian sport in the twentieth century and the first decade of the third millennium, but it seems to be increasingly old in this turbulent world. What can be trusted with a game that limits its acceleration into the water, and that so much of the action takes place beneath the surface, invisibly?
– This is not the problem. Water polo must be transformed into a 21st century sport. The rules need to be changed so that they can also be followed on television, but the main decision makers in the International and European Union are committed, threatening people, and this is the case in most sports. Example: Water polo is a summer sport, so why not play it in the summer? You can argue with her, but it’s nice to view it in a perfect environment and time, and you can even envy the shirts. But what does a spectator say in a winter coat going to the pool?

– Kásás, Gyarmati, and you and the other heroes survive the T-shirt? If not their physical presence, but their reputation?
“Yes, one of the purposes of life and its meaning is to leave an earth trail.” But there’s one more task left: it’s fitting that we finally understand something!

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