Viktor Urban: Harmony could not be created

Viktor Urban: Harmony could not be created

Victor Urban and Matthews Moraveki met at the Carmelite Monastery.

“We talked about great things, because we talked about the sovereignty of our country,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a press conference held jointly with the Prime Minister of Poland.

After a long discussion at the July summit, an agreement was reached and we authorized the German presidency to reach an agreement by the end of the year. This consistency cannot be established

he added. The Prime Minister said that they have reached a common position with Poland: They will consolidate their arguments in the debate, and

Hungary will not accept any proposal that may be unacceptable to Poland either.

He said, “The Hungarian veto is a legal tool, and the basic treaty of the Union grants the right to all member states.”

Not only my chance, but simply my patriotic duty, if I see that Hungarian interests are in danger, I must act

Said Victor Urban.

Photo: MTI / Prime Minister Press Office / Zoltán Fischer

The prime minister also said so

You are wrong to think that this is a financial issue, and this debate cannot be resolved with money.

He added that the European Union is borrowing the resources needed to manage crises, and it has to face other risks. He also said that the country will not suffer any financial loss as a result of the failure to establish a crisis management fund.

Polish Prime Minister Matthews Morawiecki spoke about the success of the July Summit for the whole of Europe. The European Union is now facing a completely new mechanism, and with this arbitrary mechanism, the entire Union can collapse. This regulation applies to the budget while importing other tools.

A secondary law cannot circumvent a fundamental right

The Polish Prime Minister said. Morawiecki also talked about the fact that there could be a never-ending debate about rule of law issues, like this system of circumstances could be a means of attacking countries.

This path may lead to the dissolution of the union, and this logic must be rejected.

he added.

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