There is debate about Scotland's membership in the European Union by players in European cultural life

There is debate about Scotland’s membership in the European Union by players in European cultural life

In their view, the EU needs to make it clear that Scotland can restore its EU membership through independence.

More than 170 joint European professors, writers, poets, philosophers and artists Message They are calling on the president of the European Commission and the Council of the European Union, as well as leaders of member states, to support Scotland’s possible return to the union. Academics and artists want to make it happen

Before another Scottish independence referendum is announced, the EU must assure the Scots that the country can be readmitted to the 27-nation European bloc after the independence process.

An independence referendum was held in Scotland in 2014, when a majority envisioned the country’s future within the United Kingdom. However, the Brexit referendum stirred up the mood in the island nation, with the majority of English voting in favor of leaving, yet 62 per cent of Scots would still retain British membership in the EU. Thus various positions favored the camp in support of Scottish independence, but the British government did not want to hear about another referendum.

A common appeal of European intellectuals is that in this case the Scots will not be able to negotiate with the EU on their own, which means that the Scottish government, which remains independent, will not be able to assess the country’s chances of joining the EU. .

So the letter writers want to review the EU accession process,

And I want to ensure that Scotland is not subject to a formal accession process but a private and ad hoc accession process.

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To this end, the EU must unilaterally offer Scotland the opportunity to join the union more quickly than usual after independence, citing its previous EU membership. With this EU decision, it can be clear to everyone that independence also means that EU membership can be restored.

In fact, this would give the Scots a clearer picture of what an independent Scotland would be like, i.e.

In the second referendum, citizens can choose between the British Union and the European Union.

The signatories to the letter also call on member states and EU institutions to help prepare the Scottish economy to join the EU in the period following the successful referendum.

So far, the joint letter has been signed by Miklos Tamas Gaspar and writer Miklos Haraszti of Hungary, but it is possible that website More will join the initiative. The timing of the letter cannot be said to have been a coincidence, as elections will take place in Scotland next week. The Scottish National Party is campaigning to recover from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and to announce a second independence referendum. First Referendum Nicolas Sturgeon wants to end the referendum by 2023, when that might be enough time for a strong local majority to emerge in favor of independence and for new allies in Europe to help with the secession cause.

Matthias Gergi Horgos

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