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Video: Five killer whales attack a boat

Video: Five killer whales attack a boat

Predators can reach approximately 6-7 meters in length.

Killer whales have been filmed attacking a ship in Portugal, reports A.J Portugal news. The video shows 5 predators following the car and then start banging its butt.

The sailor on the ship said that the swords destroyed the rudder in one minute. The man was rescued 15 minutes later by another craft, but his boat was trapped by predators for another half hour as he was towed toward the port.

According to the driver of the attacked vessel, he was attacked by small animals 6-7 meters long, but he does not believe that they wanted to sink the vehicle, as they could have done so easily.

As reported by, killer whales are increasingly attacking ships near the Strait of Gibraltar. Ships damaged by swordfish were first reported in May 2020, and since then such cases have been recurring frequently. The animals always aim for the rudder and then usually back off if they can stop the car, but there have also been instances of chasing a yacht all the way to port.

Since 2020, there have been nearly 500 such cases, 3 of which ended in shipwreck.

It is not yet clear why these animals attack ships, some say they are motivated by revenge, others think they are just playing.

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