Vettel’s race finished in the first corner


Monday, November 22, 20, 09:05


Although he finished only 10th equal to his starting position with Sebastian Vettel, as he fell to 17th after the first corner, he was very good at saving the four-time champion.

He can regret Sebastian Vettel because in the first turn after the start he was forced into a very dusty outside bend by heavy traffic, as he veered off the track along with several others and could only be reclassified to 17th with a huge loss. This determined his entire next race, but the result was still a hit.

“It cost me a lot to start the race. I found myself practically at the end of a long train from Turn Two onwards, considering I managed to catch up in the top 10 really well, but it probably includes much stronger points,” said Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin car press release.

Understandably, Vettel is half full and half empty, and there was more for him in this race

“As we approached every turn there were a lot of cars around and I got into a crowded position. I tried to drive some riders around the outside curve, but that curve was a lot dirtier than I expected and I skidded over the edge of the track. It’s frustrating because the car was fast Anyway, especially when I was able to go on a clean track, it eventually helped me get to 10th place.”

“After the first lap fuss, I ran a really strong race, and caught up really well, but it hurts that I was denied at first. The good news for the team is that both cars are finished scorers, and there are a lot of positives from the end of this,” Sebastian Vettel added. the week”.

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