Vero Nagy and Charlie were shocked by Bay Alex's statement that he wouldn't consider himself tasty if he was old enough to "trick" the audience

Vero Nagy and Charlie were shocked by Bay Alex’s statement that he wouldn’t consider himself tasty if he was old enough to “trick” the audience

Gjon Delhusa doesn’t share his opinion either, but Eva Pal understands it.

bye alex I’ve already talked about it Doesn’t matter The idea of ​​a long life, he does not even want to stand on stage at the age of fifty, because he fears that over time he will cease to be the person he likes to see in the mirror.

The singer also recently spoke to Story magazine He saidthat its results have not changed in this regard.

I just don’t see myself there for long. If I wasn’t young, energetic, and well-functioning anymore, I wouldn’t feel comfortable there. I wouldn’t consider myself tasteful and original if I was an old idiot to the audience

It is to explain.

The newspaper also contacted performers who have been on stage for decades regarding Bay Alex’s opinion. Not all of them received the singer’s ideas well.

Thank God, I didn’t fail in my youth, and I don’t feel like it now. What is the young man’s name? Bye Alex?

ask again Great Veroaccording to who is x factor Television made his mentor a star, calling his music plastic.

I have never said bad things about my young colleagues. What he’s put on the table so far is a piece of plastic, he doesn’t even really see himself. Didn’t he do something and take the elderly seriously? And if he wrote Mom’s Chicken, maybe.

He is 76 years old Charlie Equally disliked by Bay Alex’s statement, he answered succinctly to Story’s query:

May I ask who is Bay Alex? It’s not worth it, sued for another twenty years or so, that’s all I can say.

the paper Delhusa Gjont It was also expressed by the person who advised her x factor To his mentor that if you think you’re going to be an “old liar” at 50, get to know him and don’t forget your audience, for they don’t forget their favorites at best.

Eva BolThe Newton Familia His former star may already be feeling ByeAlex’s statement that even one or two gigs a month is stressful for him, he feels that at 72 he can no longer give the stage performance that he expects of himself.

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