This is what Zoltan Serres would look like as Josef Antal in one of the new NER films.

This is what Zoltan Serres would look like as Josef Antal in one of the new NER films.

The first image of Josef Antal appeared, that is, in the new Hungarian film called Blockade, about Zoltan Serres who plays the role of the former Prime Minister.

To achieve the condition described above, it is said that makeup artists and mask masters sometimes work for two hours on Seress’s face.

The producer of the work is one of the new masters of Hungarian film, Tamas Lagos, photographer and entrepreneur, and a member of the Board of Trustees of SZFE. The perfect imprint of today’s Hungarian cinematic reality is that Young Antal is played by young Attila Vidniansky, who championed SZFE independence while plowing the university.

This will be Blokád’s first feature film, dám Tsér: he had two short films in the early 2000s and has since worked as a director and editor on documentaries.

Here is the basic story of the film, in production words:

Barely half a year after his inauguration, Joseph finds himself facing the most difficult test of his life. Taxi drivers demonstrate in front of the House of Representatives against sharp increases in gasoline prices. Disillusioned with democracy, they soon lay siege to the city and soon the entire country. The opposition stands by them and urges on revolution.The president of the republic, the press, and the general mood sympathize with them, and the army leaves the government unpopular because of unpopular actions.Joseph Antal, the former fifty-sixth revolutionary, suddenly finds himself on the other side of the barricade. Left alone, after a recent operation, In the dormitory. What to do, how and by what means will this situation be resolved?”

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