Velvet - Randi - Tamás Horváth: "I was an unfaithful person"

Velvet – Randi – Tamás Horváth: “I was an unfaithful person”

Tamas Horvath told World of Palikék via Manna about how his wife “saved” him 10 years ago.

The musician spoke with extraordinary sincerity about his life a Three facts in the show.

I was young and had a couple, but I didn’t take it seriously. I deceived a lot of everyone, I was an unfaithful person. But I not only deceived him, I deceived myself as well. For me, this flirtation was about tinkering with a few holes to make me feel like a man, I’m a man, but I didn’t find any dryness from dragging another Strigula into bed with a blonde today, a brunette tomorrow. Things didn’t get better, they got less, and I ended up hating her. Andika came at the best time she was my saviour.

explained Tamas Horvat, who now sees that they have saved each other with his wife.

I always tell him how much I learned from him, but I also gave him a lot. I’m a bouncy guy, head on and live my life a lot. I want to experience everything, every moment is very important to me. Probably because I lost my mother early and a lot of people, especially now, have come a long way. All this encourages me to live each day happily. It’s always hard to live positively and work hard, but I work on it every single day.

The musician who also revealed that happiness is more important to him than any material possessions and that he would choose a family over a career at any time.

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