Velvet – Enter The missing parts of the forgotten building ruins are replaced by a light drone play

Dubai-based company Cyberdrone is bringing to life the destroyed parts of building ruins and those that have changed throughout history through a drone light show. In addition to the UAE, the technology company that travels in the field of business presentations has all the necessary licenses in the USA and Europe, and its amazing offers are enjoyed by tens of thousands of people.

The use of drones is now so widespread, that for a few years their operation has been strictly regulated in many parts of the world, including within the European Union. Although most people are using this technology to create amazing, bird’s-eye videos, and are also trying to revolutionize home delivery with drones, there is one company that specializes in a completely different field:

With its coordinated drones, Cyberdrone presents amazing light shows for large audiences, entertaining the audience in this way more than once in festivals and various events.

The Dubai-based company’s drones have appeared several times in unusual locations.

Among their projects, perhaps the most interesting is one in which missing items from the ruins of buildings are “painted” with light using drones.

In addition, they also achieve great success with the instantaneous change of cityscapes and modern buildings, not to mention the approaching holidays, when during the Christmas period we are greeted from heaven by a huge version of the character Kevin, known from Trembling Burglars. .

(floor walker)

(Cover photo: Drones. Illustration: Getty Images)

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