A battery exchange system has also been developed for it, with which you can get a new unit in three minutes.

Work has begun on the Sunrise Dam gold mine in Western Australia Sandvik TH665B truckwhich is currently the largest underground battery electric charging vehicle.

The truck features a power output of 630 kilowatts (858 horsepower), an electric motor and a 354 kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery.

A typical BEV truck can transport a maximum payload of 65,000kg while producing zero emissions and 80 percent less heat, which could be a game-changer for underground mining.

In addition to being “cleaner,” it is expected to travel up to 25 percent faster on the slope that traditional diesel trucks used to drive.

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Another important feature of the Sandvik TH665B is the patented “self-change battery system”, thanks to which this process takes only three minutes.

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