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Its only copy has been destroyed, it is now remanufactured

Lamborghini XX. Built to nurture its 19th-century legacy, the Lamborghini Polo Storico recreated the Countach LP 500 study car with more than 25,000 working hours. They were invited to work by an “important collector”.

The Countach LP 500 was introduced in 1971 by Automobili Lamborghini as a preliminary study for the Miura successor. The concept car played an important role in the subsequent series model development processes; So much so that he took part in a crash test in 1974 and was destroyed accordingly.

Lamborghini Polo Storico leaders were contacted back in 2017 by the appointed collector just mentioned to build the original test car for him.

1 copy was destroyed, now remanufactured 2

The studio first collected the available information, charts, original photos, and minutes. Since all car magazines of that time were full of photos of the car, over time, enough information became available for planning. Dimensions and color must also be selected from the images.

It would have made things easier if the study car had already been built on a Countach cross-tube frame, but no: the special single floorboard had to be remanufactured, using original methods, in keeping with the collector’s request. For example, the hull panels were hammered manually. The mechanics were almost simple compared to this: they could use a lot of original parts or refurbished components, but sometimes they had to make a piece from scratch.

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The tires were supplied by Pirelli: based on the photos, the type of factory-equipped wheels was determined, then their schemes were searched and Cinturato CN12 tires were produced with two sizes 245/60R14 at the front and 265/60R14 at the rear. The tread pattern and overall appearance of the tire are similar to the original, but the material and body composition are modern.

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