Two gold, silver and bronze on the fourth day -

Two gold, silver and bronze on the fourth day –

Hungarian athletes won two golds and a total of four medals on the fourth day of the 11th World Games in Birmingham, USA.

Gold medalist Vanda Kesli (centre) and World Games bronze medalist Zuka Chicos (right) (Photo: Joseph Frischley)

Vanda Kizzle In the marathon kayak, he won the short distance, Zsóka Csikós Won a bronze medal in the men’s category Balint Neue The He finished fifth – according to information from the Hungarian press team for the World Games.

“It is all unbelievable! It is unbelievable that I can win. In the past, I always said that I would do my job and give everything in the Games. Of course, I always secretly dreamed of being the fastest at 3.4 kilometers. And it worked!” – Transfer the announcement for Vanda Kishli.

In the pool, the water and lifeguards won gold and silver this time. In the 4x50m medley relay, men – Sebasztián Szabó, Bence Gyárfás, Krisztián Takács, Gábor Balog, Mátyás Giczi Composition – They beat ahead of everyone else by setting a World Games record of 1:26.53 minutes.

They have been the backbone of the relay team together for a long time, and Sebastian Szabo has brought new momentum to the team,” Gabor Balog said after the results were announced.

The Hungarian men’s relay won a record at the World Games (Photo: Josef Frischli)

“I am confident that saving lives will come to the fore a little more. The World Games were a great opportunity for galactic waters and saving lives to make their mark” Twice winner of the World Games said.

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The Petra Sinansky, Fanny Giurinovic, Zsuzana Jakapos, Bana Ugrai and Evelyn Verasto The women’s relay composition behind the Germans, ahead of the Italians, came in second.

“I am happy to be here. I finished the gold, silver and personal best in the women’s 200m hurdles. A very good team came together, and I am especially happy because with our results we may have focused more attention on the sport” Zsuzana Jacobus confirmed.

The women’s relay won a silver medal (Photo: Joseph Freshley)

Petra Sinansky won her third gold in Birmingham: twice in fin swimming and once in water, saving lives. In addition to this, he also holds the silver medal in both sports. The statement indicated that he is the first athlete to win gold medals in two different sports at the same World Games.

“I prepared more for fin swimming, and in the water and saving lives, I knew that I would have excellent partners in the relay, because they are swimmers who have participated in many Olympic Games. I am very happy that I was able to do my best on all fronts ” It is to explain Petra Sinansky, After receiving the contestant award today. The Debrecen swimmer traveled directly from Alabama to Cali, Colombia, where the World Fins Swimming Championships will take place starting next Monday.

Petra Senánszky made history: a two-sport medalist at the World Games (Photo: József Freschli)

In the children’s 4 x 25 meter relay, women placed sixth and men seventh. in skiing Dominica Guardi In the 15,000-meter elimination race, he finished 11th by falling after he could not avoid the Italian skater who fell in front of him. The final and official result of the drone race, which ended on Sunday, was announced on Monday, according to her bad roland 13 He finished the competition.

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So far, competitors from 48 countries have won medals at the World Games. The Germans top the medal table, and Hungary ranks fifth in the most prestigious place with 8 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes. Hungary will be represented by 59 athletes in 17 sports at the event in Birmingham.

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