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TV2 warned me not to express myself so strongly on Insta

TV2 warned me not to express myself so strongly on Insta

“I think every person has a duty to play a social role. The fact that Nora Ordoğ wrote that she does not want to take sides without any policy, but how important children are… I think Nora Ordoğ should have an opinion. He is a very decisive and professional media personality. You have Opinion, advocate for children!

Kajdi alluded to the fact that Nora Ordog posted before the flu vaccine demonstration that many people were looking for her to speak out, and that she stands with the children anyway, but in her opinion, this issue is deeply interwoven in politics, and she wants to stay away from it now and in the future, Hafez. By the way, Kagedi was one of the supporters of the demonstration.

Kajdi, a model agent and influencer, noted that Attila Till, who also works at TV2, was present at the demonstration and even supported it. When Kajdi was asked about the difference between Nora Ordoğ and Attila Tell, he said:

“I think the difference is that Teyla has that point where she says I'm not listening. Despite my job, my job, TV2, despite the risk of losing my job, he says he wants to get a job here. He's a brave, educated, cultured person.”

Shooter jam

According to Kagdi, society is permeated with fear, but we must understand that as well. It also affects him, but he may have more room to move than average. “I don’t feel it in influencer inquiries and in modeling agency life, but I feel it in the media,” he said, noting that expressing his opinion on public issues negatively affects him.

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Silla told me that in 2020, Nixak, what am I? – She appeared in the TV2 program A rítélyek sznávea, “I participated in two seasons of this in the hope that a model show would be created, and I was invited for it. We also worked on a synopsis, and then last year TV2 bought its new show, and I was not involved in it. Well “Obviously, Lulu shouldn't have brought the jam to the ship. Maybe that's why it happened.”

He does not know the exact reasons for his exclusion from Next Top Model Hungary, which started this year, because neither the general manager, with whom he had a good relationship, nor the program director answers the phone or responds. Text messages. But in the meantime, “a jury compatible with the system was selected, everyone from the NER photographer to the advisor to the President of the Republic.”

“I say that if someone wants to live in this system and wants to be successful, it is economic silence: they have no political principles, everything changes, it will turn out that I never agreed with this.” Kajdi noted that, in his opinion, once the NER ends, those actors will emerge who have not spoken publicly now, but will say “we have suffered a lot, but now I dare say it… and then some giants” will come fraud.

Loyalty rather than professionalism

Regarding his own participation, he said that appearing on TV2 gave him a dilemma, but, as he said, his goal was to put together a good model discovery program, which could also have a positive impact on his career. He doesn't mind that it ended up that way in the end and he was eliminated from it, but he said that he will continue on the show today, regardless of what kind of publicity is being done on the channel. According to him, not because of money, but for professional reasons.

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But he added that comments questioning his credibility after his appearance on TV2 were justified.

“Regardless of this, I wasn't willing to change my mind. I said what I thought about the situation in Hungary in the same way, and I said, if it wasn't good for TV2, I wouldn't have to sit there. I was warned anyway.”

The incident happened three years ago, according to Kagdi, and they told the TV station: “It would be good if I didn’t speak so forcefully on my Instagram stories.”

In the past 10 years, he has seen that “it's not professionalism that matters, it's loyalty. Being loyal to the system you live in.”

They gas and rub

When asked if he had NER friends, he said that he had no friends, and if he had friends, he would live differently, for example skiing in St. Moritz.

“Maybe I see it wrong, but NER people come from so far away that they have so many complexes that they feel a lot of arrogance that has been imposed on them. It is very difficult for you to relate to people who answer everything with arrogance (…) this arrogance Stupid primitivism, I can't do anything about it. I can't even see myself sitting between them His look and his walk I talk and listen to her in a restaurant in Buda.”

According to him, there are a lot of celebrities who, one way or another, “try to belong to the whole NER team.”

“I imagine in the 90s there were mafia gangs and they ended up in Leroy and here and there and everyone was trying to make friends out of fear. I wonder if they wouldn't hurt me, if I was a good person and here I am gassing them. Well, it could be like that now.” Győzike and I don't know who they are that are gaslighting and trying to rub it in, maybe that's the case”, and NER “really enjoys being the ones trying to get close to them, no matter how much it is. I don't feel it's important.”

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The first broadcast of Next Top Model Hungary, which was mentioned several times in the video and finally started without Kajdi, debuted on TV2 a few days ago, and we also wrote a review about the show.

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