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Trump’s big story

Trump's big story

Donald Trump is very optimistic about his political future.

However, this week the FBI captured him as well: FBI people searched his Florida residence.

Authorities took 15 boxes of documents from his home. According to Trump, there was a claim overreach and he immediately reassured his supporters by hinting that he would run for president in 2024.

In the latest news regarding the FBI investigation, Trump cited his constitutional rights to refuse to answer questions during a prosecutor’s hearing Wednesday as part of an investigation into the family business’s business practices. By the way, Trump announced this in his statement.

The former president was summoned by the New York state attorney general. According to Letitia James, her investigation established that the Trump family company had gained a financial advantage by setting the value of its properties differently.

Donald Trump has called the investigation politically motivated, arguing that the New York attorney general is a Democrat.

According to press reports, Donald Trump and his legal representatives arrived at the New York Attorney General’s office from Trump Tower in Manhattan on Wednesday morning.

Trump said in his statement that he said nothing for the following reasons:

When a person’s family, work, and everyone around them becomes the target of a baseless and politically motivated witch hunt, they have no choice.

The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution states that no person shall be compelled to testify against himself.

According to Attorney General Letitia James, according to her civil law investigations, the Trump Organization, which operates hotels, golf courses and other real estate, overstated the value of its assets in order to get the best possible rents, while underestimating the value of the same properties. At tax time – for tax exemption. Donald Trump denies he acted in bad faith.

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After the hearing, neither the attorney general’s spokesman nor Trump’s lawyer would comment on what had happened.

In any case, it seems really interesting that the closer the time is to Trump announcing his candidacy for the presidency, the more investigations are underway against him.

The hearing in New York came two days after the FBI searched Donald Trump’s Florida home that was said to have targeted classified documents from his presidency, and on Tuesday the US District Court of Appeals in Washington ruled that the Democratic-led House Budget Committee could get Trump’s pleas tax. From 2015-2020.

However, it doesn’t help that he has lost many friends on the conservative side in the past.

Recently, Fox News turned its back on him.

Even in America, it’s rare to find a media producer with as much opinion-shaping power as Fox News, which is available in 87 million households. On average, they have three times as many viewers as CNN. More people watch Fox than any other cable channel in America. Among the news channels, it has been the most popular for more than 20 years.

Conservatives especially like it: at least half of the Republicans once a week used to play it.

Fox News and Trump have always had particularly good relations. During his tenure, the former president went to taxes almost as often as he wanted. Trump spent most of his days watching the channel primarily. In 2019 alone, the former head of state responded to the announcer’s posts 657 times on Fox’s social media pages.

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But Fox has distanced himself from Trump. He hasn’t been called up for over 100 days yet.

One of his last speeches was not even appreciated. On the other hand, his potential competitors are ending the microphone more and more. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, one of Trump’s biggest Republican opponents, is interviewed regularly.

The Washington Post also wrote: The TV station has begun to ditch Trump. By the way, Fox News belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, just like the New York Post and Wall Street Journal. In July, the last two newspapers argued in an editorial that Trump does not deserve to be president again.

One reason for the breakup may be that Dominion, the company that helps organize the 2020 election, sued Fox.

According to the indictment, they committed a violation of the law when they allowed Trump to spread his lies about voter fraud without criticism. The stake in the lawsuit is $1.6 billion.

Because of this action, Rupert Murdoch probably doesn’t want Trump to talk about his tax fraud again, so he’d rather not give him space.

It seems that the former president does not like developments. He also said that Fox was unfair to him when he pointed out that based on a poll, a significant portion of the participants at one of his supporters’ events actually didn’t like Trump very much.

It could put the former president in a difficult position if the conservative press shy away from him. Since he has been kept away from the big social media sites, he has found it increasingly difficult to get his messages across to the public.

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At the same time, media analysts also think so they point: Although Fox News has calmed Trump down, they still talk about him a lot and don’t openly criticize him.

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