A young adult played kidnapping for slacking

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Arizona authorities accuse a man of making an amazing effort to stop working.

The man, Brandon Soles, was arrested last week for allegedly submitting a false report to law enforcement. Police in College, Arizona have outlined a system designed to persuade a young 19-year-old to get out of work without being fired from the tire shop where he was working.

Police said on February 10, approx. The investigation began at 5:25 pm, after they received a call that there was a wounded man in the water tower at the water tower from the Phoenicians, about 55 miles in College, 13000. The caller said the man had lost consciousness several times. On reaching the scene, he found Saulz lying on the ground, lying on his side, with his belt tied back, and a purple handkerchief in his mouth.

Solace told the police that after he finished his shift that morning, he returned home, where two masked men kidnapped him near his car, slashed the back of his neck, lost consciousness, drove for a while and threw him away. Outside his whereabouts. He said they earn the money his father dug in the desert.

Illustration by Daniel Kesslinger Photo / mauritius Images / AFP

But after several days of investigation, investigators did not find anything on the security cameras, and the hearings did not reveal anything. According to hospital records, Solace did not suffer a concussion or head injury. In addition, a police report stated that investigators did not find any suspicious messages or phone calls. In the end, they came to the conclusion that the kidnapping and the treasure were all fiction.

The man admitted in his interrogation that he had just invented kidnapping, so he was arrested and then released by court order.

Soles worked at a car dealership, tire manufacturer, assembling tires and touring the area to assemble the necessary parts. On Tuesday, the store manager declined to comment on the man’s arrest. Soules, according to his Facebook profile, is no longer working there. (The New York Times)

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