Trump has raised the possibility of separating economic ties between Washington and Beijing

Trump has raised the possibility of separating economic ties between Washington and Beijing

The first Monday in September in the United States is a business holiday, and it is a national holiday with paid leave. That’s why Trump’s unexpected White House press conference came as a surprise in Washington.

The US president has dealt with China for a relatively long time.

“We are losing billions of dollars, and if we don’t deal with them (the Chinese), we won’t lose billions of dollars. It’s called disconnection, just start thinking about it,” Trump said.

He said he would do anything to bring the jobs outsourced to China back to the US. He promised to prevent the federal government from entering into contracts with US companies that are either outsourcing or already outsourcing their jobs to China. He envisioned taxing American companies that, so to speak, are “failing” America and creating jobs in China or elsewhere.

“We are once again making America the industrial superpower in the world and ending our dependence on China once and for all. Whether by loosening ties or imposing huge taxes, we are doing what we did before, but we will end our dependence on China,” Trump stressed.

He said his Democratic opponent, the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was “soft” against China.

“If Biden wins, then China will win, because this country will belong to China,” he stressed.

He also criticized President Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate, for saying he had politicized the fight against the pandemic. Harris said he made an “irresponsible speech against the vaccine.” In a television interview, Sunday, the politician made it clear that she does not trust the effectiveness of the vaccine, which will be developed before the presidential elections in November, because she said that scientists will not have the last word in the distribution.

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Analysts have already recalled a statement made last week by Harris Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a member of the White House advisory group, asserting that researchers are not under political pressure from anyone.

In response to a journalist’s question, Trump also referred to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, and expressed his belief that Germany should end the gas pipeline agreement with Russia.

“Germany is in a very weak position in terms of energy. They have turned themselves into a very bad position,” he said. However, he indicated that Berlin might not even be able to undo the Nord Stream 2 project.

A spokeswoman for Angela Merkel indicated on Monday that the German chancellor considered it envisaged that construction of the North Stream 2 pipeline that carries Russian natural gas to Germany would be halted in response to the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.


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