The day the music plays - Canada is also Hungary

The day the music plays – Canada is also Hungary

Kevin Pratt, from Canadian sports portal TSN, pays tribute to the Hungarian hockey team as well as Hungarian fans with a great article. The poignant writing has also been translated into Hungarian.


After the impressive 5-2 win over Belarus, Pratt wrote the article, which we can say with a calm heart, reading tears from the eyes of many people.

They have come a long way so far. They have flown here from Budapest – mostly via Prague or Warsaw – for hundreds of dollars in flights. “
“There are about a thousand wonderful Hungarian fans here who came to cheer their children with passion – the team that is expected to be the last team to end here in Russia. They occupy two sectors on the left side of the track – although the term” occupation “is not quite the appropriate term. They never sit. Not even during the warm-up. Not either during the match. Not even during the commercial breaks. Instead, they stand and bang the drum. They bounce and bounce and bounce more. They cheer and sing. “
“It doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses. If they feel that the Hungarians are really happy to be here, they are right. After all, the choice is not given every year. February 3, 1939 was the last time Hungary won a first-class match.”
“Finally, in 2008, luck turned for them. At the World Division 1 Championship, which was held in Japan that year, the Hungarians were able to climb onto the podium – in 2009 they were able to participate in Group I. The captain of the team was led by the captain of the team. Gabor Oskai, who is widely known as the best Hungarian player ever. However, a month before the 2009 Group A Hockey World Championships, Ocskay died of a heart attack with a tragic sudden onset and he was only 33 years old. Hungary lost all six matches in the tournament A goal difference of 29-6 “.
“Hungary went through many trials before the Uchkai tragedy. (…) And their anthem supports this.”

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As Pratt writes, Hungarian fans are not preoccupied with the result, they are proud of their team and their country at all times, the Hungarian fans appreciate the effort and sing the anthem every time as if the national team had won the World Cup.

You can also read the hymn in English.

You can read the original article by clicking here!

Full Hungarian translation is here!

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