Trump gave campaign advice to Eric Zemmour-Neucohen

Trump gave campaign advice to Eric Zemmour-Neucohen

The French presidency said former US President Donald Trump told Eric Zemour, the far-right presidential challenger of French-Jewish descent, Eric Zemour, whose nationalist platform creates a divisive election campaign to stay strong and stick to his convictions.

The Zemmour campaign team said the two men had a 40-minute phone conversation late Monday night. Like Trump, Zemmour has positioned himself as a political outsider, relying mostly on celebrity status as well as outspoken language.

“He told me to stay who I am and the media would recommend me brutal, but the important thing is to stay true to myself.”

Zemmour said.

The 63-year-old French presidential candidate believes France must be rescued from its downward spiral, which is largely attributable to what he described as unrestricted immigration and the growing influence of Islam. He was convicted several times of inciting racial hatred.

Zemmour told Trump that their country faced a “clash of civilizations.”

“We have the same vision, which is that the United States should remain, the United States and France should remain,” he added.

he added. The Zemmour campaign team said in a statement that they also talked about immigration, security and their economics.

Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy is often cited as a model for the campaign of Zemmour, a writer and polemicist who wants to unite radical right-wing and deeply conservative voters who have traditionally voted for the mainstream right-center.

According to opinion polls, Zemmour is going after conservative challenger Valerie Pecres and Marine Le Pen, leader of the traditional radical right-wing National Rally, to enter the second round in April. Opinion polls show President Emmanuel Macron leading the competition, but he has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

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In Le Pen’s 2017 campaign, Trump attempted to appear with the then-President of the United States when he left for the Manhattan business center, but secretly left after he was not received.

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