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Tricks, Tactics and Advice Bonjour!  – 2023.08.16 –
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Tricks, Tactics and Advice Bonjour! – 2023.08.16 –


We still want this small group of people who get together here every day to not only help each other out with ideas and tips, but also to grow and expand the team! Everyone is welcome, anyone can come up with a new idea, analysis or anything. In fact, this column always deals with discussion of events, daily current events, and brainstorming. We ask everyone not to post the topic with only 30-40 tips with one line number, or even without it, because that will disturb the fun of the constructive participants! Let’s watch each other! We are waiting for comments so that excellent ideas will explode into the sky like a rocket! Photo:

Since the trick column is always posted at 00:01, as an innovation, a tip is always included in the early morning at night. Comment, comment, and bring home these fresh and crunchy breakfast tips with your morning coffee. Then daily thoughts and ideas come! Good luck everyone!

Australia – England
08/16/2023 12:00

  • After yesterday’s Spain delight, England clash with host Australia today with the winner going through to the final. World Cup fever set in in Australia as Tony Gustafsson’s side rose from a shaky start and made a memorable trip to the quarter-finals. Ireland, Nigeria and Canada were in the group, then saw Denmark bye in the top 16, and then into the quarter-finals against France in a nerve-wracking match, where victory was decided by penalties after a goalless draw. England showed great and tireless performance, fighting to reach their fifth consecutive major tournament semi-final. After defeating Haiti and Denmark 1-0, they won 6-1 in their last group stage match. It gave them the momentum (literally) to fight their way through a stellar Nigeria back-up to reach the quarter-finals on penalties, as they overcame a one-goal deficit to win 2-1 against Colombia thanks to goals from Lauren Hemp and. Alicia Russo, ensuring that England will be the third in succession, will also be there in the Women’s World Cup semi-final. It will be a very tough match as Australia will fight to the last against England. Game skills on the side of the guests. My advice is to go through England.


Australia – England
Who will go further? | England | 1.62 | (8/10)

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