TikTok has also been banned in France

Another country restricts Chinese social media apps.

The French government bans the installation and use of several “entertainment apps”, including TikTok, on official devices of government employees – He writes wallet Stanislas Guerini Referring to the French Minister of Public Service.

The measure took effect immediately. The decision affects nearly 2.5 million public employees. Not only has TikTok been banned, but the popularity has been banned. candy crush Mobile game and Netflix too.

According to the Minister’s reasoning, the decision was made based on the results of the investigation conducted by the National Agency Responsible for the Protection of Information Systems (Anssi), and the affected applications (the exact list has not yet been announced) are considered risky. From the point of view of cyber security and data protection.

In more and more Western countries (including the United States, Canada and Great Britain), TikTok has been banned from state administration and official IT tools, because there are concerns that Chinese authorities and secret services could collect data through the app, and that could affect TikTok. on users.

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