TikTok collects a lot of information about our children

TikTok collects a lot of information about our children

TikTok has been sued on behalf of millions of European children.

A lawsuit has been brought against the popular multi-billion pound sterling TikTok video app for allegedly illegally collecting the personal data of millions of children across the UK and the European Union.

Anne Longfield, the former Commissioner for Children at Island State, represents the kids who use the video-sharing platform. Regarding the case, Longfield stated that

TikTok collects a huge amount of private information from kids

– Phone numbers, photos, videos, exact locations, and biometrics – and their transmission to a third party. Parents and children also don’t know why the company is using this data.

Longfield told the BBC that he understands that other social media platforms use our data in a similar way, but that TikTok does so in an excessive way.

(Photo: Environmental Protection Agency / Hyung Jeon)

TikTok is very popular, as it helps children connect with their friends during a very difficult year. However, there is something darker behind the fun songs and dance challenges

Longfield said, then added that parents have a right to know the private information TikTok collects.

The company claims that there are no reasons for the issue:

Privacy and security are TikTok’s top priorities.

They said the reliable policies, processes and technologies are in place to help protect all users, especially teens.

TikTok has more than 800 million users around the world, and the app is primarily intended for people over the age of 13, but it is also used on a daily basis by younger people.

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