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Tickets are now on sale for the continuation of the disastrous Fyre Festival

Tickets are now on sale for the continuation of the disastrous Fyre Festival

You can now buy Fyre Festival 2 tickets – writes the Guardian. In case anyone doesn’t remember, Fyre Festival was a crazy festival in 2017 that Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule put together in the Bahamas. In other words, they were just going to pack up, because when the guests arrived, they were not waiting for the promised performers and public luxuries (or non-luxuries, such as electricity or clean water), but dirt roads and disaster tents.

McFarland, who organized the festival, was convicted of fraud in 2018 and has served four of his six-year sentence. The Fyre Festival has also been the subject of several documentaries. McFarland has been in the news regularly since his release on TwitterIn addition to the current announcement, he also asked his followers to write down why they were invited to Fyre Festival 2.

the Announce it on TikTokthat Tickets are already on sale. In the video, he said he put together the 50-page festival plan while he was spending seven months in solitary confinement. It is not known why it was put there, but it is rare that we hear of solitary confinement as beneficial to a person’s creativity. Those who are locked up in this way usually They say the exact opposite.

He sold his first 100 tickets for $499, tweeting that they are already sold out. As the yet-to-be-determined date approaches, tickets will become more expensive. 101-500. Tickets cost $799, seats 751-777. and a ticket for $7,999. They want to hold the event in the Caribbean, sometime in late 2024.

Before the festival, he plans to hold several small events to further boost Fyre’s reputation. The court awarded the 277 participants of the previous festival $7,220 in damages each, and McFarland was fined $26 million. He also wrote earlier that he can repay this by going back to “what he was good at”.

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