Three Gypsy politicians at opposition rallies, Dog Party also lists Mers

Three Gypsy politicians at opposition rallies, Dog Party also lists Mers

The Joint Opposition List has been completed. Here are the top 15 places:

  1. Peter Markie Zee (MMM)
  2. Clara Dobrev (DK)
  3. Christmas Gergeli (dialogue)
  4. Jacob Peter (Jobek)
  5. András Fekete-Győr (Momentum)
  6. Bertalan Toth (MSZP)
  7. Peter Ungar (LMP)
  8. Ferenc Gyurcsany (DK)
  9. Z. Carpathian Daniel (Jobik)
  10. Agnes Vaday (DK)
  11. Zolt Molnar (MSZP)
  12. Marton Tombus (Momentum)
  13. Brenner Coleman (Jobic)
  14. Gy. Németh Erzsébet (DK)
  15. Sandor Berkey (dialogue)

From the first 45 places:

  • 14 Went To DK,
  • 12 to Jobbik,
  • 8 to momentum,
  • 8 to MSZP حوار dialogue
  • And three to LMP.

ATV News According to his information, nomination discussions took place between the MSZP-Dialogue bloc, on the one hand, and DK, Jobbik, Momentum and LMP, on the other hand, about the number of places in the MSZP-P list. There were 8, 9 or 10 places out of 45, of which MSZP-P managed to get 8.

The opposition complied with Peter Marche’s request: Jobbik, Momentum and Dialogue also fired a Romani politician for the Joint List. Conversationalist Sandor Berke was in the top 15, with Laius Lucci in 20th and right winger Ferenc Varga in 25th. (Meanwhile, his scandals are well known Attila Stojka to replace Florin Farkas It ranked 17th on Fidesz’s list.)

However, it is so ominous for the Roma community that MiHazán was openly anti-Gypsy. first registered National List.

No politicians stand a good chance of winning their individual district. Examples of such candidates include Tímea Szabó, Co-Chair of Dialogue, or Ágnes Kunhalmi of MSZP. Çapa Hurvat, the socialist mayor of Zoglo, ranked 233 suspected of corruption Prosecution.

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The two-tailed dog pair also makes a list, They write on their Facebook pageWe had to collect signatures in 71 districts, we are already in 77, and there are still five potential districts„.

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