THQ Nordic has finally revealed when we can expect to release Biomutant at the earliest

THQ Nordic has finally revealed when we can expect to release Biomutant at the earliest

The sad news comes from THQ Nordic’s investor conference. It turns out that Biomutant, originally dated for the first quarter of 2021 – that is, expected in March at the latest – will not appear in the announced period, we can expect it from the “publisher’s first fiscal quarter of 2021”, so no April. You can predict when the program that activates will fall Mutants. Best of all, no official press release has been released on the topic – in practice, if it weren’t leaked from investors, many of us would be excited to wait until the end of March to finally get into the program.

The Biomutant, which will be built in Experiment 101 workshops – and which will be powered by version 4 of the Unreal Engine – was announced in August 2017, so potential fans have been waiting to try it ever since. The show’s story will direct players into an open world where humans have almost completely disappeared, replacing them with mutant but intelligent animals. We will be able to form someone who will not only level up and acquire new abilities along their journey, but also “grow” new players and other mutations to facilitate advances against stronger and stronger opponents. While we can wander around the wide walking area, we’ll have the opportunity to get a giant robot – mechanical – take off hot air balloons, and even jet ski to get to our destination faster. The creators promise that they will not be bound by any limits – if we’re skilled we can even get into the final game right away, another question is whether we can solve it with a first-level character.

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So Biomutant will be able to debut on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 no later than April 2021.

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