In 1995 a UK boat maker produced 150 motorboats that bore Porsche’s design cues at the time, from headlights to windshields and rear-view mirrors to the boats’ aft. These are really rare compounds due to the number of copies that then spread all over the world.

Porsche 1 is designed for water

Nearly 20 units have arrived in the US, one of which was recently featured on Bring a Trailer, one of the largest online car marketplaces. This version of the Craig Craft 168 Boss steamboat received a total of 73 bids before it was sold on August 29 for $39,000 (15.6 million HUF).

Porsche designs were no problem, the fiberglass elements are still eye-catching to this day. The four-person boat is powered by a 4.3-liter V6 GM, which was newly installed in the vehicle last year. Collaborating with such a boat can be fun in and of itself, but the 16-foot (4.9-meter) boat also has great music thanks to the Kenwood system.

Porsche 2 is designed for water

There are also more modern ships associated with Porsche, take a look at the example below: