Puskás-Dallos Peti and SP have a common tattoo

Puskás-Dallos Peti and SP have a common tattoo

After spending the night, they got a tattoo on Rhodes.

Teen idols with common tattoos

At the beginning of 2010, there were two types of girls in Hungary: those who were in love with Petibe Puskás and those who were there for SP. The prehistoric teen stars of Viva TV also have a good relationship with each other, to the point where they have tattoos in common. Peti Puskás-Dallos talked about this in his latest IstenEst broadcast. Peti and host Bence Divine were feeling nostalgic together, at which point the story came to light regarding one of the photos. As it turned out, two years ago they went on vacation to Rhodes with SP, that is, Krisztián Éder, where one night, probably in the heat of the party, they both decided to draw the word “love” on their fingers, which means a lot in English.

“We went to Rhodes together, and then he broke up with Linda SP. Krisztián was on Facebook all day and crying. We went into town the first and second night, we blinked a little, got up in the morning, and were in the same bed with Krisztián. I see my finger wrapped, and I’m unwrapped. And I saw that love. He turned to Krisztián, “What’s on my finger?” He looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, I have this too,” Betty was quoted as saying. 24 h. At the end of the story, it also turns out that Eder’s ex-girlfriend has the same tattoo, hence the idea for the boys.

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The full video can be watched here:

It seems that the sexuality of Tolvai Rene knows no bounds, because after many hot photos she can still surprise her fans.

Main image: instagram.com/apuskaspeti

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