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This is the worst thing you can do if your phone gets wet

This is the worst thing you can do if your phone gets wet

Have you ever heard that you should put a soaked mobile phone in a bowl of rice? We'll show you why it's a bad idea.

Getting a mobile phone wet causes a panic-like reaction in most people, as they usually immediately think that they will not be able to use it, and that the device may be damaged. In Internet scams The recurring theme is that in such cases, rice can be a lifesaver. Rice grains effectively absorb moisture. But now it turns out that this trick can do more harm than good.

Therefore, a soaked mobile phone should not be placed in rice

Although today's modern phones come equipped with advanced protections against water damage, older devices are not necessarily water-resistant. In fact, after a while Seals can also corrode on newer cell phones, Therefore, there may come a point where the fluid is allowed to pass through.

We have known for a long time that the mobile phone is soaked Do not expose yourself to an external heat source, such as a radiator Using a hair dryer To dry The use of compressed air should also be avoided. Although it may seem obvious, manufacturers do not recommend inserting foreign objects such as cotton balls or eartips into the openings of a mobile phone to absorb moisture.

Rice is not the solution if your mobile phone gets wetArthit Pornpikanet/Getty Images Hungary

This is where rice comes into the picture, which seems to be a convenient solution to the problem, as internet scams have suggested that it can effectively absorb moisture from the inserted mobile phone without any special soaking. Experts indeed For a long time Users are warned By following the hint, Now Apple, one of the largest technology companies, has warned its customers about this

So only in the best case the rice You're wasting it, but in the worst case, you might just not have to worry about getting wet.

Try to be patient

If you have an iPhone and water gets into the connector used for charging, the device may display a warning Charging stops to protect the phone and attached accessory, It cannot last until it dries.

If water gets into the connector, you will also have to wait before charging

If water gets into the connector, you will also have to wait before chargingKinga Krzeminska/Getty Images Hungary

As a solution, the manufacturer recommends disconnecting the cable from the device and the connected network adapter, then following these steps:

  1. Gently remove moisture The mobile jogged into your hand With the connector facing down. Then leave it in a dry, well-ventilated place.
  2. Wait at least 30 minutes, Then try connecting the phone to the charger again.

If the warning still appears after that, you'll have to wait longer. In this case The entire drying process can take up to 24 hours.

“Although it is not recommended to charge your iPhone while it is wet, it may be necessary in emergency situations,” the manufacturer notes. In such a case, you have the opportunity to Ignore the pop-up window, However, it starts charging the device.

Did you know that leaving your mobile phone on the charger next to the bed at night could threaten your life? About the reasons for this By clicking here You can read.

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