This is the oldest city in the world

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) publishes the Worldwide Cost of Living Index each year, which compares costs to the world’s major cities. 173 cities examined this year, 40 more than last year and more than 200 daily products and services – read page.

strand Tel AvivFurres: Volker Gulch /

Surveys of over a decade of chromium are collected by EIU’s global research team each March and September. The index is linked to the New York Stock Exchange, where countries with a currency stronger than the dollar take first place.

Developed European and Asian cities still dominate the rankings, with settlements in the Middle East and Africa and less prosperous rural areas. The biggest change can be seen in first place, Israel, which jumped from second place last year, ahead of last year’s equestrian award, and is now tied for second place with Singapore. The Economist Intelligence Unit attributes the sharp rise in the Tel Aviv index to the growth of food supplies and the strength of Israeli skill against the US dollar.

The most beautiful cities in the world in 2021

1. Tel Aviv, Azrael
2. Prize (hesitant), France
2. (hesitating) Singapore
4. Zrich, Svjc
5. Hong Kong
6. New York City, USA
7. Geneva, Svjc
8. Koppenhg, today
9. Los Angeles, USA
10. Osaka, Japan
11. Oslo, Norway
12. Szul, DL- Korea
13. Toki, Japan
14. (hesitating) BC, Austria
14. (hesitating) Sydney, Australia
16. Melbourne, Australia
17. (Undamaged) Helsinki, Finland
17. (dntetlen) London, Egyeslt Kirlysg
19. (dntetlen) Dublin, rorszg
19. (dntetlen) Frankfurt, Nmetorszg
19. (hesitating) Shanghai, Kanna

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